Walter Bennet
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction Black Mesa Science Team
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Status Alive as of May 17th 200X
Location Black Mesa Research Facility (Barney's Mind)
Actor Harry S. Robins (game audio)
Curtis Trudeau-Brown
"Carry my guns for me, douchebag!"
―Barney Calhoun[src]

Walter Bennet (referred to by Barney as Douchebag), is a Black Mesa Research Facility Scientist, who appears in the Barney's Mind, voiced by Corky64.

Character PersonalityEdit

Walter shows almost no personality at all when first meeting with Barney after saving him from being trapped in a cargo train by HECU Grunts (this is because his voice lines are all recycled audio clips from the game). However during the Barney's Mind finale, he is voiced by Corky64 and his personality takes on a much more abrasive tone towards Barney.


It is unclear what happens to him after he is shot unconsious by the jet during the Barney's Mind finale, though he most likey survived.


  • Walter is voiced by Corky64, creator of Felix's Mind. In a crossover sequence, Barney is briefly transported into the first episode of Felix's Mind and both briefly hear each other's voices.