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"The only thing worse than this scary shit is if I have to deal with kids... with their tiny hands... and their FACES and the way they stare at you with the intensity of a black hole and they got you by the balls and know it... they're just SEEING INTO YOUR SOUL like the little devil child they are."
―The Point Man[src]
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The Point Man's Mind
The Point Man's Mind New Logo
Genre Machinima
Created by Mark 'Triox' Taylor
Produced by Mark 'Triox' Taylor
Directed by Mark 'Triox' Taylor
Production studio N/A
Starring Mark Taylor as The Point Man
Robin Darnell as Adrian Shephard
Games used F.E.A.R.
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The Point Man's Mind (not to be confused with Point Man's Mind) is a Mind Series created by Mark 'Triox45' Taylor that taking place in the game F.E.A.R. The series follows the thoughts of The Point Man.

Character PersonalityEdit

"I'm a ghost-busting karate master with time powers, a shotgun named Valerie, dual pistols, who also fights clones. I have the most badass resume in the world."
―The Point Man[src]

The show info describes him as "A 31 year old F.E.A.R. Operative with anger issues." This seems to be true for the most part. He also seems to have a taste for danger seeing that when fighting enemies, he sometimes wishes they were more of a challenge. He also seems be gaining a drug addiction as the series progresses. The Point Man also becomes extremely frightened by the hallucinations he is seeing and also has a case of pedophobia (the fear of children).



  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 7 - KrimsinYT's Adrian Shephard from Shephard's Mind on military radio.
  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 12 - KrimsinYT again as Adrian Shephard.
  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 13 - KrimsinYT once again as Adrian Shephard.
  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 14 - KrimsinYT once more as Adrian Shephard.


  • If the Point Man's kill count is accurate then he has killed 100 enemies.


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