Robin Darnell, also known as KrimsinYT, Krimsin or just Krim, is the creator of Shephard's Mind, and voices Adrian Shephard, whom he describes as "a 22-year-old Marine Corporal and cowardly individual" in the eponymous series and in Barney's Mind, Freeman's Mind and Triox45's The Point Man's Mind, as well as Gryphon in Parker's Mind and Sheckley in Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2. Robin is a member of the Master Minds (in fact the second member to join after Ian Riley) and was a frequent collaborator in many of their projects, including Mind the Gap, Out Of Our Minds and Opposites Attack. As he states in his interview with Caboos15, he originally intended to make a series of Barney's Mind but waited a day too late to upload his and was beaten to it by Ian Riley and so instead made a series about Shephard.

On the 24th of August 2017, he started a new gaming channel, Red Vajra.