"Gosh! Just because I'm holding a gun, does NOT make me a serial killer! Um... well... okay, maybe I am a serial killer, but... Oh, what the hell, I am NOT a serial killer! Those guards don't count! And neither does Gryphon's secretary! Or that nurse. And... another couple of random scientists I shot... Damn. Now that I think about it, I am an asshole."
Parker's Mind is a mind series created by Simon "Emporer Psymon" James, about "a 21 year old miner on Mars, who has no idea what he wants to do with his life, and now is thrust into a Miner rebellion against Ultor".

Plot Edit

Parker, an unambitious 21 year old looking for work, has got himself a job as a miner for Ultor, a corporation situated on Mars in the late 21st century. At first he figured this would be a change of pace, but he soon finds that the miners are subjected to brutal living conditions, with minimal safety consideration given to them, unreasonable work hours and being brutalized by the guards. At the end of one particularly long shift, Parker witnesses a fight between a guard and a miner that breaks out into a full-blown riot, which Eos, the leader of the underground resistance movement Red Faction, uses as the catalyst to spark a rebellion against Ultor. Parker is unwittingly thrust into this rebellion against his better judgment and pulled along for the ride, aided by the hacker Hendrix. He finds himself subjected to increasingly dangerous situation (such as kidnapping an Ultor executive, to fighting a huge flying robot, to steering a submarine through labyrinthine underwater tunnels, to fighting his way through a horde of genetically engineered monstrosities to capture a mad scientist), to which he responds with his signature passive-aggressive nature, his constant complaining and underreacting to injuries.

The series is notable for having multiple moments that break the fourth wall, for example:

  • Parker comparing the guards' repetitive dialogue to that of the turrets from Portal;
  • Parker getting phone calls from both Olimar's Pizza and Solid Snake;
  • Gryphon telling Hendrix "I don't care if you're voiced by Samuel L Jackson!"

Cast Edit

  • Simon James as Parker/Solid Snake/Additional Dialogue
  • Robin Darnell as Gryphon
  • Ian Riley as Guard "Barney"
  • Manuel Vicante (also credited as Manuel Vicente) as "the really evil engineer"
  • Caboos15 as "fat guy who gets shot"

Episode Edit