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Did You know?
  • Stark's Mind and Felix's Mind could possibly take place in the same universe?
  • A mind series protagonist's dialogue isn't actually within their mind?
  • Due to the font used, the Machinima upload of Doom Guy's Mind was titled as Episode 7 instead of 1?
  • The scrapped protagonist Otto Maverick made a cameo in Sora's Mind Episode 8?
  • The name Flynn Taggart was taken from the 90's Doom Novels?
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"Oh no, it's back for vengeance! Like those spiders back in Boot Camp!"
―One of Flynn Taggart's lines in Taggart's Journey.
Flynn Taggart is an 18 year old drafted into the Space Marine Corps in the mid-21st century. He was sent to fight the Strogg, but the UAC called in for help. He decided to hop on this operation, wanting to get some experience for being a Space Marine (his boot camp didn't give him any proper training despite going through the paces with two different Drill Sergeants).

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