Mike after hitting Dave with the StunStick

Mike is a Civil Protection officer working for the Combine Overwatch of City 17 with his partner and best friend, Dave in the Half-Life 2 Machinima Civil Protection. Mike is voiced by Ross Scott, the same voice of Gordon Freeman in Freeman's Mind and Freeman's Mind 2, the latter of which features a cameo from Mike.

Character PersonalityEdit

Mike is the calmer, more mature of the two. Who Always seems to end of up talking to himself in a captivating manner much like Freeman does, also seeming to have the same type of humor as he does. Not entirely like his counter part however, he is not a drug user as to Freeman. Mike seems to know alot about the inner working of the Civil Protection Unit, but very little about whats deeper in the Combine, not knowing what a Strider was or a Stalker calling it a "Pieircing Junky". This may be the case of all Civil Protection forces however as Mike descibed in Episode 2 : ALIENS that noone has ever seened the Combine in person, they simply brought another alien race they had all ready conquered to conquer Earth, possibly RACE X Aliens of Half-Life Opposing Foce is a theory.Mike lastly seems very fasinated with food, complaining about someone stealing his chocolate chip cookies, telling Dave if he train jumps with him, he owes him lunch all of next week, saying forms of food like Chinese, Terayaki, and so on to himself, and lastly he loves the donut shop however this is loved by Dave as well as several other Combine forces it appears.


  • In Episode 7 : Morning Patrol, Mike tells Dave to stay away from the Houndeye saying it's bad news, a possible reference to how Freeman, also voiced by Ross Scott, deals with them very often.
  • The Gman has been seen on Episode 4: On A Rail, fixing his tie and walking away around the same time Dave comes back from train surfing, meaning that Mike, Dave, or even both of them maybe under his watch just like with Freeman, Shephard and several others.
  • He and Dave cameo in Episode 7 of Freeman's Mind 2 as they are seen by Gordon running for the taco truck as he attempts to evade CP officers by hiding in the sewers.
  • There is a theory that he is a clone of Gordon created by a teleporter accident that escaped Black Mesa and changed his identity.