Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race UKN
Faction Black Ops
Health 0
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Status Presumed deceased as of 17/05/200X
Location Black Mesa Research Facility
Actor Cyh Scaevola

Lydia was a female Black Operations agent who was part of the government-sanctioned operation to conceal any evidence of the Resonance Cascade that took place at the Black Mesa Research Facility following the failure of the HECU to contain the situation.

Biography Edit

On May 17th 200X, rogue HECU marine Adrian Shephard took her by surprise, catching her unarmed by shooting out the light in a small, cramped warehousing area. Cornered, she surrenders and Shephard questions her on the true purpose of the Black Ops' presence at Black Mesa. She explains that after the initial failure of the HECU's clean-up operation, the Black Ops were sent to cover up the whole incident by destroying the entire facility. To do this, they intend to set off a thermonuclear device within the complex (which Shephard had previously disarmed, only to be re-armed by the G-Man before he could stop him). Shephard berates her and her cohorts on their disregard for human life, ethics, rules of warfare and the marine motto, "semper fidelis". In response, she accuses him of doing the same thing to ensure his own survival, citing the many injuries and deaths caused by him either directly or indirectly. Not wanting to stay at the facility any longer than necessary and anxious to get as far away from the bomb as possible, Shephard decides to release her and find his own way out, but Lydia requests that he render her unconscious to prevent her peers from getting suspicious should they discover her. He obliges her and attempts to do so by delivering a swift blow to the base of her skull; however because of his unfamiliarity with the procedure he accidentally breaks her neck (and quite possibly concaves her skull). He walks away hurriedly, leaving her lying gurgling on the floor in a state of agony and in dire need of medical attention.


Lydia after Shephard's "help".

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