Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2

Freeman-ish Mind 2
Genre Comedy
Created by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Produced by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Directed by Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien
Production Studio Independent
Starring Jared "Centaur1um" O'Brien as Gordon Freeman
Robin Darnell
Ian Riley
Games used Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Running time 5-10 Minutes per episode
Release date November 14, 2010–April 4, 2012
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Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 is an unofficial sequel to Ross Scott's series Freeman's Mind. It is created by Jared "Cool" O'Brien (also known as Centaur1um) and is based during the events of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. 7 episodes were made, including one special "redux" version of the first episode. The series was cancelled due to a combination of technical difficulties and Jared considering that the series "wouldn't get anywhere".

In 2014 Centaur1um announced his retirement. As of 2018, all episodes are unlisted and can only be viewed with a playlist by Kanaxai_ (

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