"I'm gonna show them... what the wrong man... in the wrong place... is capable of."
―Felix Freeman

Felix Freeman is the younger brother of Half-Life's protagonist Gordon Freeman, and is the protagonist of the Mind series Felix's Mind. In an alternative reality to the Half-Life 2 games and its episodes, Felix is chosen by the G-Man to substitute Gordon Freeman due to their uncanny resemblance, and pulls him out of stasis and Felix fills in for Gordon Freeman's shoes during the events of the Half-Life 2 games. The character is created and voiced by Curtis Trudeau-Brown. He is also featured as a mentioned character in Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 and is briefly heard during a teleporter scene in Barney's Mind.



"Just take the job at Black Mesa."
Gordon Freeman to Felix
Felix is the younger brother of Gordon Freeman. Both Felix and Gordon recall Gordon playing dangerously on the rooftops, much to their mother's concern. Gordon would try to build cardboard addons to the house and Felix would find them pin him down by jumping on the boxes. Gordon would later admit he didn't care about the boxes being destroyed but would have appreciated Felix giving him a warning before jumping, while Felix claimed it was payback for "a cheap shot" Gordon threw at his groin with a Sock'em Bopper.

Felix left home to move to Canada in order to strike out on his own, having grown up in his brother's shadow. This caused great resentment towards him from his brother as he was not there when their parents died. Despite this however, Gordon got Felix a job at the Black Mesa Research Facility (though he apparently either forgot this later or it only happened in the alternate timeline). According to Vincent Stark, Felix worked in the office complex.

Unknown when or how, but Felix had also dated Chell, who later became a test subject at Black Mesa's rival company Aperture Laboratories. Their relationship is described as being similar to his later relationship with Alyx Vance.

During the Black Mesa Incident where a dimensional rift caused alien creatures to attack the facility, Felix battled his way through the facility, also fighting off marines sent to cover up the incident. Felix was then approached by the mysterious G-Man, and was told that he was impressed with his sheer will power to survive and stated he had big plans for the future and wanted Felix to be a part of them. Felix, similar to Gordon, was placed into stasis and kept as an expendable replacement to, in his own words, "pave the way for their new star agent".

In the timeline of Freeman's Mind 2, Felix's presence is apparently unnecessary as a backup for Gordon as Gordon accepted the G-Man's offer. Therefore it can be assumed that Felix's Mind takes place in the timeline where Gordon declined the G-Man's offer and was sent back to Xen.


"Man, for a guy who's been dubbed "The One Free Man", I seem to be constrained a lot by arbitrary obstacles, with the stretch of "don't touch the sand" being a top contender for 'dumbest trials of the new world'. Yeah, it's right up there with the incredibly stock 'boo, haunted town'."
―Felix Freeman
20 years into the future, Felix was pulled out of stasis by the G-Man. He awakens on a train on route to City 17 and discovers the Earth is in control by a "Universal Union" known as the Combine. Much of Felix's memory is gone and he has no recollection. He then meets up with some old Black Mesa colleagues such as Isaac Kleiner, Eli Vance and Barney Calhoun. He also meets up with Eli's daughter, Alyx, who he mistakes for a girl called Joni. Apart from Barney, everyone mistakes him for his brother Gordon, but he decides not to disclose his real identity in fear of being cast out.

He battles through the events of Half-Life 2 like Gordon Freeman would have done, up until the finale where he prevents Breen from escaping earth by destroying his teleporter. Felix is placed back into stasis by G-Man who seems to still be oblivious to his real identity.

Felix's Mind Forever Edit

"I've had more than my share of edginess. It is nothing but rounded corners from hereon out."
―Felix Freeman
This is apparently set during Felix's third day as he ventured along the coast to Nova Prospekt. Felix travels to a cliff along the coast and momentarily considers suicide but reasons that even if he could bring himself to do it, the impact of hitting the sand would leave him to die slowly and painfully rather than kill him instantly. On the way down to the beach (and then across the beach as he makes his way to the Vortigaunt camp) he encounters Laszlo and Sandy (and berates them on their apparent lack of forethought), thinks happily about how many people he's killed, complains about the arbitrary physics puzzles he keeps encountering, makes friends with a wooden plank, considers having intercourse with Vortigaunts and Antlions, discovers Atheism, and shows respect for Architects. He is then ambushed by an Antlion Guard and two regular Antlions and he engages them in combat.

Events of Season 1Edit

"Oh dear God. Please let this all be a dream, but I don't remember a thing. I don't even know who I am. I just need to take a second... and think... really, really hard... "
Felix is taken away from the G-Man by the vortigaunts, and awakens nearby the unstable citadel. He is discovered by Alyx and her robot D0G, but he doesn't remember who she is or what his identity is. While Alyx makes contact with her father and Isaac Kleiner, Felix tries to jog his memory but sees a load of different numbers and has brief flashbacks, something he lapses into now and again.

At some point, he met an MLP character on an airplane.

At another point, he saw a vision of Mario at the end of a corridor.

Escape from City 17 & Season 2Edit

"I remember everything!"
―Felix Freeman

Felix and Alyx allow Barney to escape first before following on behind him. The Citadel explodes and they barely escape in time, but the explosion causes their train to crash. Barely surviving the train crash, Felix finally remembers the truth just as this happens. He reunites with Alyx and after encountering a portal storm over what's left of the Citadel, makes his way to an underground mine with her in the hopes that it will lead them back on the road to White Forest.

Though it can no longer be verified, it is reported that Felix is fatally wounded by a sniper in Episode 14 and saw a vision of Chell.

Personality Edit

Felix Freeman, whilst milder-mannered than his brother in several respects, is much more vulgar, openly talking about masturbation and contemplating sex with not only a variety of females, but also various alien species (including but not limited to Vortigaunts and Antlions). He is one of the only openly Atheistic character in all the Mind series (with Parker possibly being another, as he comments at one point when being told to say his prayers that "I don't talk to imaginary friends") but also seems to veer into Pantheism during the course of the series, wondering if the events unfolding are punishment for previous misdemeanors. He also seems to dislike Alyx much less than Gordon, possibly even to the point of indifference. He is however just as sociopathic if not more so, laughing maniacally whilst watching reprogrammed rollermines attack Combine soldiers. He hates being compared to his brother with a passion and gets extremely riled by people mistaking him for Gordon.

Despite not having a Harvard education like his brother, Felix is rather well-spoken and knowledgeable, particularly on the subject of firearms.

Relationships Edit

Gordon Freeman Edit

Gordon is Felix's brother, and both brothers recall Felix tackling Gordon's cardboard addons to the house and pinning him inside, with Felix insisting it was payback for a 'cheap shot' Gordon delivered to his groin with a Sock'em bopper, while Gordon says he wasn't that fussed about the addons but would've appreciated a heads-up in advance. In later years they grew estranged after Felix moved to Canada and their parents died while he was away, however it was Gordon that encouraged Felix to "take the job at Black Mesa", suggesting that there was still some begrudging affection between the two brothers. During the events of Felix's Mind, Felix is constantly mistaken for Gordon due to their resemblance, and Felix goes along with this to avoid being ostracized but resents being stuck in Gordon's shadow.

Barney Calhoun Edit

"That's the Felix Freeman I know!"
―Barney Calhoun
Barney and Felix know each other reasonably well, and in the first series are seen fighting together in the railyard, where Felix helps him escape City 17.

Alyx Vance Edit

Felix, much like his brother, finds Alyx annoying. As with almost every other character, she mistakes him for Gordon and calls him by that name. While still suffering from memory loss, he refers to her as Joni.

Vincent Stark Edit

In the Stark's Mind timeline, Vincent is implied to be on friendly terms with Felix.

Trivia Edit

  • Felix's model, as featured in the "I Will Not Bow", is a reskin of Gordon Freeman by Nadia 'Tiigroid' Tigrovskaya.
  • In darthjesus3444's video "Jacob's mind episode 1 official.", Jacob says his father's name is Felix.

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