"You've been hanging out with Eddie too much."
―Mike talking to Dave, Civil Protection episode "The Tunnel"
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Eddie is a character in Freeman's Mind created by Ross Scott. He is apparently someone who has criminal connections and can get Freeman a human skull, help him change his ID if necessary, and get Freeman doner packs of blood. Eddie Was Also Mentioned in Civil Protection Episode 8: The Tunnel.


  • Eddie was First mentioned on Freeman's Mind Episodes 10 then again on 28, 33, and 48.
  • Due to his criminal experience, it would make sense how he survived the 7 Hour War and escaped to City 17 where he would meet up with Dave.
  • Eddie has never actually been seen on the show, only being mentioned by Freeman and Mike.


  • Freeman's Mind Episode 10, Freeman himself : "Hey is that a human skull! That would go great with my collection! Actually better not, I think Eddie said he was getting one for me."
  • Civil Protection Episode 8 : The Tunnel, Mike : "You've been hanging out with Eddie to much...."