Declan's Mind is a spin off mind series which was created on Second of August, in 2009 and ran for 21 episodes before being cancelled and later removed from public viewing.


This series follows the 29 year old 'trainee' Black Ops agent Declan Walker (voiced by Lithuanian former YouTuber Jase Mack, aka JaSoR122). During the storyline he finds himself caught in a teleporter accident that results in him being periodically teleported to different locations (an idea borrowed from Parker's Mind).

Production Edit

The series ran through several different Half-Life mods during it's run - Black Ops (season 1), Far Crab Demo (season 2), Times of Trouble, and Fate Reversal.

For the Christmas special, the game Prezzie Hunt is used.

Series Crossovers Edit

The series had a number of crossovers with other series like Parker’s Mind, Jimmy’s Mind, Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 and Citizen's Mind.

Parker from Parker’s Mind made a little cameo in Declan’s Mind, the moment when Parker teleported home, Declan was presumably outside his window, after Parker had teleported away, Declan then proceeded to steal Parker’s car.

The longest crossover was with Jimmy’s Mind.

The crossover with Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 and The Citizen's Mind occured in the 21st and last episode, which was a Christmas Special, in that episode Jared O'Brien assumed the role of a Snowman who enjoyed dubstep, TheGentlemansShadow (Creator of The Citizen’s Mind) assumed the role of a British Penguin and SwedenSpeedway had assumed the role of Declan’s inner voice.