"Dave, I think you're the reason why some people sleep with a gun under their pillow."

Dave being a Ninja!

Dave is a Civil Protection Officer working for the combine in City 17 with his partner Mike in the Half-Life 2 Machinima "Civil Protection". Dave is voiced by Craig Mengel.

Character PersonalityEdit

Dave is the crazier more impulsive cop of the two. He'll do anything from pretending to be a ninja, to jumping off a bridge to go train surfing. Dave also seems to know little of alien races in the new Combine occupied world, not knowing how dangerous an Houndeye was or what a Strider is. Dave aslo seems to know a vast amount of trivial information, from knowing Bulgarian to showing all the possibilities why the Shadowless Man has no shadow, and knowing how to make bombs and napalm. Dave may also be a lunatic seeing that for better target practice he tapes faces of people he knows to the targets, and when Mike was explaining about how people were trying to get oil, was like "trying to put out a fire by burning down antother building." Dave replies with "We should have just burned it all burn everything!" as Mike continues to talk Dave can be heard saying to himself "burn!..Burn!..Burn!.." one last notice of his possible insanity is that he also wishes that he could mind control every one in the city at once.


  • Dave seems to be facinated by ninjas, as he constantly acts like one; making high pitched noises and doing ninja moves.
  • The Gman has been seen on Episode 4 : On A Rail, fixing his tie and walking away around the same time Dave comes back from train surfing, meaning that Mike, Dave, or even both of them maybe under his watch just like with Freeman, Shephard and several others.
  • He and Mike make a cameo in Episode 7 of Freeman's Mind 2. They are spotted running for the taco truck by Gordon Freeman as he tries to hide from CP officers.