"Stalking amidst the plains, clutching two hardened pitas, cometh Cyh Scaevola! And she gives a gutteral roar: "I'm going to beat you in such an unsafe manner, your momma won't recognize you!!""
―One of Cyh's two battle cries[src]
Cyh "CyhAnide" Scaevola is a writer, artist and Master Mind and voiced Chell in the 'official' Chell's Mind and in Felix's Mind, as well as voicing Black Ops assassin Lydia in Shephard's Mind and the subconscious of Gordon Freeman in Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2. She also appears in several Master Minds collaboration projects, such as Mind The Gap, Out Of Our Minds, Meeting of the Minds and Opposites Attack. Outside of the Master Minds canon, she has written several novel-length stories and as of 2017 she is planning to publish more professionally.

She lives with her husband Ian Riley.