"I'll always be alone, but I assure you, I never die."

Curtis Trudeau-Brown (also known as Corky64) voiced Felix Freeman in Felix's Mind and Walter "Douchebag" Bennet in Barney's Mind, as well as Barney himself in an April Fools parody episode. He is a member of the Master Minds and collaborated with them on several projects, including Mind The Gap, Opposites Attack and Meeting of the Minds. He lives in Canada. He states in his interview with Caboos15 that he was inspired to make Felix's Mind by watching Ian Riley in Barney's Mind and came up with the idea of playing a brother to Gordon Freeman that keeps getting mistaken for him. In 2016 he made all episodes unlisted and in 2017 he privatized them, reportedly because he was looking for a career in the military and found them embarrassing.