Not to be confused with: other Chell's Minds.

Chell's Mind
Genre Machinima
Created by Cyh Scaevola
Produced by Cyh Scaevola
Directed by Cyh Scaevola
Production studio N/A
Starring Cyh Scaevola as Chell

Ian Riley as Elevator

Games used Portal
Running time 5-10 minutes
First run date January 2010
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"I hate this place! I hate your radioactive buttons and your giant retarded cubes that don't even have food in them and your computer's compulsive lying! I hate all your stupid puzzles and the creepy stains on the floor and the scaffolds of death, but most of all, most of all, I hate this ridiculous elevator and its infuriating emancipation grid! I will have my revenge, Aperture Science! A plague on both your houses! And your summer homes! And your shower curtains!"
Chell's Mind was a Mind Series created by Cyh Scaevola and recorded in the video game Portal that ran for a very short period between January and June 2010. The series focused on Chell and her ongoing attempts to escape the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre. Despite a strong following and becoming canonized by the Master Minds into their canon, the episodes were put on longer and longer breaks and eventually Cyh quietly cancelled the series to focus on her writing career and relationship with future husband Ian Riley.

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Episodes Edit

Uniquely to the series, episodes were listed in the style of test chambers; for example, the first episode is rendered "01" rather than "Episode 1".

Note: Episode 5 is in 2 parts.

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Reception Edit

The series has received acclaim for Cyh's performance and writing, with some considering it to be 'the only Mind Series that comes clpose to recapturing the spirit and wit if the original'. Cyh has been praised for her 'unique' style of darkly comic humour.