"You know, I'm gonna laugh the day that an alien apocalypse comes and everybody dies. There's gonna be squid things, things that jump on your head and eat you like the movie Alien, there's gonna be things that like shoot lightning at you, and there's gonna be things that... I don't even know what they do, there's gonna be things that are like giant panthers, there's gonna be things that, like... I don't even know what else. I'll figure 'em out during the day, but it's gonna be awesome, 'cause everybody is gonna die except me. Best day ever."
―Todd Arlen[src]

Arlen's Mind is a Mind series created by Lex Groh. Set in the Half-Life mod, Azure Sheep, the series follows T. C. "Todd" Arlen attempting to make his way through Black Mesa as he tries to escape, all the while searching for his friend Kate.

The series ran for one season comprising of nine episodes released between January 5th, 2012, and June 15th, 2013, with the tenth episode being released on March 1st, 2016. A second season was planned that would have featured Arlen fighting alongside Kate, who was seen in the final scene of the final episode; however the series' future was left in limbo following Lex Groh's passing in 2017. Groh received posthumous ovation for his performance.

The series has been criticized for the poor characterization of the main character but maintains a respectable following within the community and has been praised for its attempt to expand upon the timeline of Freeman's Mind and Barney's Mind. Ian Riley, creator of Barney's Mind, endorsed the series, even linking Groh's channel on his own channel.

The series in its entirety can be found on Lex Groh's YouTube channel.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode Creator Notes (Description)

"Episode 1" (8:15)


Released: January 5, 2012

"This was delayed five days because of my slow CPU trying to render in 1080p and a number of similar annoyances. I really wanted to have it up January first, but that failed. So tell me what you think! Funny? Dumb? A ripoff of Freeman's Mind? That is what the comment section is for.

Arlen's roomate was Barney from Barney's Mind.

The 'HD pack' you see here is made by me frankensteining parts from other HD packs. I don't think I can release it publicly because of that fact, I'd have to contact 50+ creators, half of which don't speak English."

"Episode 2" (8:59)


Released: February 13, 2012

"At long last, episode two is done! The it took a long time because I was waiting on a voice actor, but she seems to have disappeared from the internet. Because of this, I had to cut Kate's scene.

There are no bleeps in this one. I wanted to appeal to more people, but I curse so much that it was just annoying."

"Episode 3" (6:40)


Released: April 3, 2012

"I have to admit I kinda half-assed this one, and it shows. I needed to put it out but I had a LOT of issues with this episode.

First off when recording, this part of the game has a LOT of glitches. I had to re-record I don't know how many times, and there were still some that made it into the final product, like the floating headcrab and the weapons glitched out a bit. Some of it is because of my 'HD Pack' and some is just because I'm running a mod on a game engine released in 1998 on a Windows 7 OS.

About half way through editing this one, I noticed there was a high pitched ring throughout the recording. No idea why it's there. It will be gone after this episode. Sorry."

"Episode 4" (10:06)


Released: April 4, 2012

"I'm a lot happier with this one than episode three, partly because 75% of it is me being hurt which is easy to come up with lines for. I also figured out what that ringing was and fixed it. I was testing out recording at 96kHz and forgot to switch back."

"Episode 5" (11:58)


Released: August 23, 2012

"I'm a perfectionist, and I was not satisfied with any of the previous episodes. I wanted to redo the entire series, but obviously that was taking way too long, and I did receive a lot of positive feedback on the old ones, so I'm guessing they weren't too bad. However, I'm definitely putting a lot more effort into making them now."

"Episode 6" (17:46)


Released: September 5, 2012

"So as usual, I had multiple failures rendering this one. I have to find a new method for rendering these every episode it seems."

(This episode is a dream.)

"Episode 7" (13:16)


Released: October 1, 2012

"This episode went over really well for once. First shot recording, I only had to redo about six lines out of the entire thing, and I did not notice any major encoding errors, but for some reason, there were still some random frame corruptions, but most of that was covered up with the motion blur processing."

"Episode 8" (14:09)


Released: May 14, 2013

"The usual, you know. Vegas Pro crashes then I find some encoding error in the raw footage and so on."

"Episode 9" (10:13)


Released: June 15, 2013

"I'm not 100% satisfied with the voice acting in this episode. There was way too much filler dialogue and the volume balancing could have been better.

The way I record my lines is I first do a sort of rough-draft where I just get something in each part of the video so there is no silence, and then I'll go back and re-record something if it's awkward or does not fit how I like it. I've been doing a LOT of voice acting lately along with screaming for a metal band and my voice is GONE. I simply couldn't redo anything else. Take this as a lesson, always 'scream from your diaphragm'."

"Episode 10" (13:24)


Released: March 1, 2016

"AND I THOUGHT THE 6 MONTH BREAK WAS TOO LONG. Welcome to the end of season 1 for Arlen's Mind. I stopped season one here for two reasons. First so I can leave it open ended whether or not I am actually going to make season two. Second if I DO make season two, I can plan out the videos a little more, giving them less filler and more plot.

A lot of planning went into this episode. I had to watch over the older episodes a few times and do my best to fix whatever plot holes I made. My solution? Make some people wonder if Arlen is even alive at this point, and the other people wonder if Arlen is mentally okay. This way, if there is another floating headcrab, or a timeline inconsistency, IT'S ALL AN ILLUSION. (Kind of a cheap way out, I know, I'm sorry.)"

Cast Edit

  • Lex Groh as Tod Joby Arlen (also referred to as Todd Arlen and T. C. Arlen)
  • CJ as CJ
  • Dulvlu Spa as Management
  • Dylan Peckham as Jordan
  • Ross Scott as Gordon Freeman (stock footage)