Alyx Vance
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Black American-Asian American
Faction The Resistance
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Status Alive
Location City 17
Actor Merle Dandridge (game audio)
Alyx Vance is a main character in Freeman's Mind 2, Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2, and Felix's Mind.

Relationships Edit

Gordon Freeman Edit

Freeman's Mind 2 Edit

Freeman's (-ish) Mind 2 Edit

Freeman finds her annoying and shoots down a lot of her ideas. After waking up in the train wreck, he is initially elated by the hope that Alyx may not have survived; however this hope is quickly crushed when she reappears. He thinks her decision to press on to White Forest is a mistake and call someone her out on it. When preparing to smash open some wooden gates closing off a mine entrance by sending a mine cart containing several large metal beams, Gordon attempts to convince Alyx to look for a supposed missing contact lens on the rail line. He quickly realises that this wont work as he is wearing glasses and he abandons the idea. He doesn't seem particular saddened by her apparent death when she is impaled by a Hunter, but agrees to assist the Vortigaunts in their plan to revive her.

Barney Calhoun Edit

Barney is a surrogate uncle to Alyx, having helped look after her and her father Eli throughout the Combine occupation.

Felix Freeman Edit

Felix seems to find her much more tolerable than his brother does. After his memory loss at the beginning of Season One, he temporarily refers to her as 'Joni'.

In the non-canon Episode 9.5, Alyx shoots Felix in the back after he heavily insults her.

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